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What does it take?

We will sell your home for TOP DOLLAR

When someone asks, "What does it take to get someone to buy my home?", the real estate agents at V&S Elite Team always give the same answer: a fair market price, upgrades, and staging for starters.

Fair market price: We help you determine the right price to list your home by comparing recent sales nearby, as well as the condition of your property. An upgraded kitchen or outdoor area will fetch a higher price. On the other hand, outdated kitchens and bathrooms will probably be updated by the new owner, so they most likely minus those expensive from their overall budget, which could affect how many bids you get and at what price.

Upgrades: Buyers will look at the kitchen, and bathrooms, but they'll also want to make sure the roof, and other structures are upgraded to a good condition. What upgrades do you need? A real estate agent from V&S Elite team can help you determine this. The more upgrades you have, the faster your house will sell, and at listing price or above. If you don't have upgrades, and your house is sitting on the market, you may need to lower your price to make it fairly priced.

Staging: Whether you plan to vacate the property before, or after putting it on the market, you'll want the help of a real estate agent experienced in staging new homes in the Antelope Valley area for sale. One easy way to stage your home includes removing all personal photographs. We know your house reflects your life, but you want buyers to see themselves there. It's best, then, to remove all items that are too personal. Also, remove all clutter. The buyer wants to see a homey blank slate that they can make their own. There are many ways to stage your home and a real estate agent can help.

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